Consciousness remains unknown to science, although many so-called experts are trying to review, define, and explain it. One thing is certain: consciousness is far quite simple awareness, self-awareness, or intelligence.

The majority of “artificial intelligence” specialists now accept that computers will never be capable of true consciousness. The potential abilities contained within the subconscious and unconscious minds of human beings are infinite.

An iceberg is a fitting symbol of the conscious and unconscious.  10% of most icebergs float on the surface of the water which represents the conscious mind. The immense, blue ice hidden beneath the surface represents the unconscious mind. For many people, this unknown “underground” a part of themselves may be a great mystery, and that they avoid looking inward. Unconscious mind indicates what we do not realize ourselves and our inner motivations, feelings, reactions, unresolved issues, and potential abilities.

What we do not realize ourselves is vastly quite what we do know; indeed, our “inner space” is simply as vast and unexplored, containing as many mysteries and marvels, as is “outer space” within the other direction. Therefore, we should always explore both worlds (outer and inner). The roots of the word consciousness itself provide a crucial clue to what it means: if you search this word in any dictionary, you’ll find that its original meaning was “to know with”.

Throughout the history of humanity, it’s been said that the self we all know – the individual ego – may be a very limited sort of identity. Ignorant of our true selves, we derive a false sense of identity from what we have, do, or who we are connected with – our possessions, our social roles, how others see us, etc. Because the planet on which it is based is continually changing, this derived sense of identity is usually under threat, and our attempts to take care of it are liable for much of our “self-centered” behaviour. Behind this identity may be a deeper identity, what’s often called the “true self”. This can be thought of as the essence of consciousness.

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